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Thank you for your support and interest in Sinfonietta Strings. This year we have 167 students participating in Sinfonietta Strings group lessons and ensembles. We love it when we see all these students on stage at the May String Festival. There is so much diversity and cooperation among the students. They learn the music quickly and they learn that working together brings great success no matter what neighborhood you are from.

So many students of ours talk about how much this program means to them. Tiffany said she has become more confident when speaking up in class. She added that she loves how at the first rehearsal nobody knows how to play the music and by the time concert rolls around it is just beautiful. Kenny said he learned the importance of good attendance and being on time. Another student has learned how to focus on details and it is showing up in her school work.

It is very moving to the teachers here at Sinfonietta Strings to see the students’ faces light up when they first open a violin case. It is magical. They love to attend their lessons and ensembles.  When we see this magic, it is as memorable for us as it is to them.

In a world full of screens and devices, we feel honored to be able to offer this beauty, this power, and this humanity. Our Community and our world needs these students to have the experience that being part of an orchestra and ensembles provides.  It is gratifying to see so many parents at these concerts and to be told how seeing all these students playing on stage brings tears to their eyes.

We need your support to make this program for social change continue to happen and to grow.  The very low fees we charge to our students cover only a small portion of the cost of the program.  Please consider making a gift with this link: (securely with a credit card)

Click to donate.

You can also send a check (with “Sinfonietta Strings” in the memo line) to:

United Way/Sinfonietta Strings
20 Broad Street
Nashua, NH  03064

If you have a violin, viola or cello in your closet that you are not using, please consider making a donation to Sinfonietta Strings.   Be a part of the magic!

Warmest regards,

Nancy Goodwin

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